Near Infrared Sauna & Light Therapy

Near Infrared Sauna Therapy in a Pocket Sauna


Only near infrared lamp saunas combine the healing power of full-body Heat Therapy with full-body Near Infrared Light Therapy.

Heating the body in an enclosure with the up to 9 inch penetrating near infrared light emitted by ultra-low EMF tungsten lamps is the most powerful and safe means of restoring one’s health available in the world.

We get the detoxification benefits of heat therapy and the cellular regeneration and anti-aging benefits of near infrared light therapy, synergistically activated in every cell of the body during every near infrared sauna session.

On top of that, Near Infrared Light uniquely penetrates human tissues up to 9 inches, so Near Infrared Light is also the most efficient means of heating the body, compared to far-infrared saunas and wet and steam saunas.[1]

Only Red Light & Near Infrared Light of Wavelengths 600-950 nm Stimulate Mitochondrial Systems of Cellular Regeneration and Anti-Aging

Many terms are used to refer to Light Therapy in the literature:

  • Low-Level Light Therapy
  • Red Light Therapy
  • Photobiology
  • Photobiomodulation
  • Mitochodrial Stimulation
  • Activation of Mitochondrial Functions or Functioning

The most common term used by both the scientific community and the public is Light Therapy. What does Light Therapy mean?

Michael Hamblin’s Mechanisms of Low-Level Light Therapy article very clearly defines the concept:

The first law of photobiology states that for low power visible light to have any effect on a living biological system, the photons must be absorbed by electronic absorption bands belonging to some molecular chromophore or photoacceptor[2]

Light photons absorbed by the biological system must be of the particular wavelength that biological light receptor is molecularly designed to absorb.


SaunaSpace®’s Near Infrared Sauna, the World’s Best Full-Body Heat & Light Therapy Solution

Near Infrared Sauna Cabana™, BasswoodNot only are tungsten lamps the ideal source of Near Infrared Light, the tungsten-filament bulb technology is also ultra-low EMF, incredibly reliable and totally safe.

NEAR INFRARED WAVELENGTHS, ESSENTIAL FOR LIGHT THERAPY: our Light Panels emit less than 2 mG EMFs at a distance of 6 inches or less from the lamp socket. Any farther away from the Light Panel board and the EMF-rating drops to background. In the SaunaSpace® Near Infared Sauna, the user’s body is 24-30 inches away from the Light Panel board and therefore completely out of range of even the minimal amount of EMF produced by the Ultra-Low EMF tungsten bulbs.

ZERO EMF WHERE IT MATTERS: our Light Panels emit less than 2 mG EMFs at a distance of 6 inches or less from the lamp socket. Any farther away from the Light Panel board and the EMF-rating drops to background. In the SaunaSpace® Near Infared Sauna, the user’s body is 24-30 inches away from the Light Panel board and therefore completely out of range of even the minimal amount of EMF produced by the Ultra-Low EMF tungsten bulbs.

RELIABLE ANALOG TECH: The analog tungsten-filament technology is either on or off, and has no decay during it’s lifespan, which is typically 5000 hours of use. When the tungsten-filament bulb is operating, we can be totally confident that the spectrum emitted is always centered on the same near infrared wavelength band of light, and the power level matches the wattage for which the bulb is rated.

NO OFF-GASSING: We supply only non-coated 250W tungsten heat lamp bulbs. They are just tempered glass. Be wary of some bulbs that can be coated with Teflon or other chemical coatings. We’ve carefully chosen and sourced our wood, cotton and steel to ensure the most hypoallergenic, natural-material sauna available on the market.

BEAUTY: When we use near infrared sauna frequently for 20-30 minutes per session, it ought to have a pleasant atmosphere inside, have good feng shui and be good-looking on the outside as well. Our Near Infrared Saunas are a grand slam on all these fronts. You will be proud to have this beautiful product in your home and enjoy the natural elements of wood, cotton and steel every time you sauna.

QUALITY & PERFORMANCE: All SaunaSpace® Products carry a Lifetime Warranty that comes from heirloom quality craftsmanship and good design. Every aspect of our Near Infrared Saunas is hand-crafted and hand-tailored for a lifetime of performance.


Near Infrared Light (NIR): The Magic Wavelength

Near Infrared Light Photobiological Effects Graph

Near infrared light absorption by the light receptors in our cell’s mitochondria promotes cellular regeneration and anti-aging (epigentic re-optimization)

Only 600-950 nm Light Has Been Shown To Activate Cellular Regeneration & Anti-Aging Systems

A large and rapidly growing body of knowledge supports the use of near infrared light to treat and prevent many illnesses, physical and toxic injuries, and other health conditions.[3]

There is a tremendous amount of medical and scientific research going on right now, and it’s all about mitochondria and mitochondria-controlled systems!

More from Mechanisms of Low-Level Light Therapy:

“Mitochondria are thought to be a likely site for the initial effects of light, leading to increased ATP production, modulation of reactive oxygen species and induction of transcription factors. These effects in turn lead to increased cell proliferation and migration (particularly by fibroblasts), modulation in levels of cytokines, growth factors and inflammatory mediators, and increased tissue oxygenation.” [4]

Some of the observed cellular effects of stimulating the cells with 600-95o nm light include:

  • Increased Cellular Metabolism
  • Increased Blood Circulation
  • Increased Tissue Oxygenation
  • Increased Collagen Production
  • Production of Inflammatory Mediators that Reduce Cellular Inflammation
  • Production of Growth Factors that assist Cellular Regeneration
  • Increased Cellular and Tissular Growth
  • Activation of Anti-Aging Systems


What is Anti-Aging?

When we repair both the DNA architecture and the gene transcription systems, we are restoring the optimal epigenetic state of the cell. Gene transcription refers to how the cells rebuild themselves. Gene transcription is a tremendously complex system that involves many steps of quality control. As our cells and bodies age through exposure to environmental stressers like chemical toxins, our epigenetic state degrades and our cells rebuilt themselves less optimally. More errors occur over time, and the entire cell becomes less efficient and less optimal: in short, we age.

That’s why heat therapy detoxification is not enough for us to fully heal and re-optimize our bodies. We need to use Near Infrared Light to restore our Epigenetics to the optimal biochemical and bioluminescent state.

Red Light wavelengths are from about 600-700nm. Near Infrared Light wavelengths are from about 700-1200nm. Only this narrow band of light can be accurately called the Light Therapy band.


Near Infrared Light, Nature’s Most Powerful Nutrient

light spectrumNear infrared light is contained within the spectrum of natural sunlight. In fact, sunlight that reaches the earth’s surface contains 52% to 55% near infrared light.[5] It’s clear that humans and other animal and plant species, by Nature’s design, have been programmed to utilize near infrared light to our benefit.

The light therapy effects of NIr light cannot be overstated. The interaction of chromophores within our bodies with near infrared light is the key to understanding the power of NIr light.[6]


The Tungsten-Filament Lamp Emits all 600-950nm Activating Wavelengths of the Entire Light Therapy Band

tungsten infrared heat lamp spectrum chart

Incandescent (tungsten-filament) heat lamps simulate sunlight by producing the entire red and near infrared light band (650 nm – 1000 nm).

The tungsten filaments in the incandescent light bulb produce the same beneficial visible red & near infrared (also called NIR-A, 600nm – 950nm) elements of natural sunlight.[7]

Furthermore, as is seen in the figure above, the tungsten-filament bulb emission spectrum is a bell-curve that centers on about 900-950nm, so the vast majority of the light wavelengths emitted are near infrared light wavelengths, centered on the light therapy band.

The tungsten-filament bulb not only emits the correct wavelengths of light necessary for light therapy, they emit exclusively near infrared light and red light. Tungsten does not emit any significant amount of mid-infrared or far-infrared wavelengths of light.


Why does Near Infrared Light Penetrate Tissue 5x or More Deeply than Far Infrared Light?

The human body has an optical window of light absorption of 600-1150nm. That’s because hemoglobin absorbs most all light below 600nm, which is all visible light except red light.

Near Infrared Light penetration into skinOn the other side of the optical window, water absorbs all light of wavelengths greater than 1150nm.[8]

Far infrared light wavelengths start at about 5,000-15,000nm, so all far infrared light wavelengths are completely absorbed by water molecules.

Since we have water molecules everywhere in our bodies, it’s obvious that far-infrared light won’t every penetrate deeply; it is blocked by water in all tissues.

More importantly, even when far-infrared light manages to penetrate up to 1.5-2 inches into human tissue, it DOES NOT activate any cellular regenerative or anti-aging systems of healing. It only provides a heating effect on the cells.


Far Infrared Saunas Are the Wrong Wavelength, Use Inferior Technology & Lack Smart Design

far infrared saunaFar infrared saunas use heating elements that mainly emit light in the far-infrared range (NIR-C, 3000nm – 1mm).
These far infrared heating elements typically emit harmful levels of EMF.

Far infrared sauna manufacturers are forced to use expensive metal shielding to lower these high EMF levels, which increases costs & results in decreased far-infrared light emission into the sauna. In other words, low-EMF far infrared saunas primarily rely on heating up the air around the sauna user to heat the user’s body, and are therefore little different than traditional saunas.

Furthermore, there are no photoreceptors for far infrared light in the human body, so that unlike near infrared lamp saunas, far infrared saunas only provide heat therapy, not near infrared light therapy.


Traditional Wet/Finnish Saunas only Provide Heat Therapy, not Light Therapy

traditionalsaunaTraditional saunas produce heat generated by electricity or less commonly wood burning. They may be dry or wet.

Wet saunas create steam by utilizing steam generators or by throwing water on electrically-heated hot rocks.

Dry saunas use electric heaters that typically emit harmful levels of electromagnetic energy (EMF). A typical dry Finnish-type sauna operates at 180°F or greater and heats the body from the outside in.


Heat Therapy for Detoxification, Your Best Defense Against the Modern Toxic World

Throughout history humans have used sauna therapy as a safe and powerful means of detoxification, from Native American sweat lodges to Finnish wood-fired saunas.

It’s been called many things:

  • Heat Therapy
  • Sweat Therapy
  • Hyperthermic Therapy
  • Sauna Therapy
  • Sweat Lodge Therapy

Heat Therapy is simple to achieve. All we must do is raise cell temperature by several degrees for several minutes to activate cellular heat therapy effects. What are these cellular heat therapy effects?

  • Heat Shock Proteins are activated. HSPs repair misfolded and damaged proteins and also help make cellular detoxification more efficient
  • Increased Cellular Metabolism
  • Increased Oxygenation

When do this in the tissues of the body’s core, we activate the whole body’s detoxification response. This is called whole-body or systemic heat therapy. It’s the full-body heat therapy that results in dramatic healing effects for the entire organism:

  • Increased Blood Flow to Tissues
  • Increased Tissue Oxygenation
  • Vasodilation of Blood Vessels, so Blood Pressure Decreases, even as Blood Circulation Increases
  • Increased Production of Human Growth Hormone
  • Increase Insulin Sensitivity/Reduced Insulin Resistance
  • Activation of Skin as Organ of Detoxification via Passive Sweating

We dramatically increasing blood-flow to the vital organs and skin, unlocking even hard to reach toxins.

Sweating during vigorous exercise also raises the body temperature, but actually decreases deep organ blood flow, which means very little detoxification takes place.

When sitting quietly in your sauna, sweating passively, profound detoxification begins to occur. The skin, your largest detoxification organ, is activated as a toxin eliminator. This is in sharp contrast to sweating during aerobic exercise, which again does not result in meaningful removal of toxic organic chemicals and heavy metals.

In today’s toxic world no one can avoid exposure to harmful substances. Sauna therapy is a cornerstone of defense in the fight against toxin related illness and dysfunction.



A recent landmark scientific study published in a major medical journal demonstrated significant decrease in mortality (increase in longevity) with sauna use.[9] Benefits observed included significant decreases in fatal heart attacks and deaths from other cardiovascular disease.


Relaxation & Stress Relief

Sauna use promotes parasympathetic nervous system activity (“rest & digest” state) and decreases sympathetic (“fight or flight” state) activity.[10]Saunas promote profound relaxation and stress relief through their parasympathetic effect.
A number of factors synergistically and powerfully combine to produce these changes. Sweating, moving blood to the periphery, Heating the body, Near infrared light therapy, and more are all involved during the sauna experience.
Regular use produces genuine relaxation of body and mind improving a sense of well-being. Sauna therapy also decreases blood pressure as well as improves both oxygenation and circulation.




Near Infrared Light Therapy Effects

Wound & Tissue Repair

near infrared light heals blindness in miceMultiple studies show accelerated healing of wounds and other types of tissue injury using near infrared light.[11] A great example is the use of NIR light therapy to treat disorders and injury to the eyes. Rather than causing injury to the eye, near infrared light helps the eyes heal.

In a scientific study, mice were blinded by chemical injury (methanol) and the blindness was reversed with the application of NIR light therapy.[12] There is a growing body of evidence demonstrating the powerful healing effects of NIR light. NIR light promotes faster cell regeneration and human tissue growth.

Athletic & Physical Performance

near infrared light exerciseSauna bathing after exercise have been shown to increase athletic performance, reduce fatigue and improve muscle recovery.[13] Muscle circulation is increased. Innovative gyms are actually installing infrared lamp systems integrated with exercise equipment for an enhanced experience. Growth hormone release also occurs with sauna use and can increase muscle strength.

Saunas also provide many of the same benefits as aerobic exercise. Both result in sweating which provides detoxification but of course the sauna detoxification is much more extensive and powerful. Sauna use also increases metabolism, heart rate, and improves circulation like exercise but does so in a stress free, relaxing environment.

Joint & Muscle Pain

Low level light therapy has been shown to reduce joint and muscle pain in animal studies.[14] Penetrating near infrared light appears to address joint and muscle problems from multiple angles.[15] Hand-held near infrared devices used for pain relief are common in physical therapy and pain management offices. Far infrared does not provide this effect.

Skin Rejuvenation

Care for your body’s largest organ! Your skin is a major organ for eliminating body wastes through sweating. Most people don’t sweat enough.

Near infrared saunas encourage sweating and unlock toxins stored beneath the skin bringing deeper toxins to the skin for elimination. NIR light easily penetrates the skin, boosts circulation and brings more blood and nutrients not only to the skin itself but to deeper tissues as well.

Near infrared light therapy has been shown to stimulate vital collagen and elastin production. Collagen helps plump the skin, while elastin firms the skin. The visible red and NIR light energizes and repairs damaged cells, stimulating collagen and elastin and returning the skin to a more youthful look.

NIR light is being used currently to treat specific skin problems such as acne scars, eczema, rosacea and more.

Treating psoriasis with light therapy is probably the oldest known therapy for this skin disease. Bathing in sunlight to relieve symptom of psoriasis is an age old remedy.

NIR light provides new hope for those that suffer from psoriasis.[16] NIR light therapy has been shown to help heal psoriasis non-invasively without side effects.[17]

Body Fat & Cellulite

cellulite on thighRegular sauna use can reduce overall body fat. Near infrared light has been shown to  decrease cellulite.[18] [19] NIR heat lamp saunas allow specific problem areas to be targeted as needed. (E.g. cellulite in thigh skin). A study involving a group of women riding stationary bicycles demonstrated a 444% increase in weight loss for the group exposed to near infrared light when compared to the exercise only group.[20] Infrared light combined with other therapies has been shown to be effective in controlling cellulite.[21]