Where’s the water coming from, remove excess water weight from your diet.

💦 Where does it come from? 👀
The most common cause of gaining water weight is stuffing yourself with too many carbohydrates. Salazar explains that when we consume carbs, they’re converted to energy (specifically, glucose) but when we consume too many carbs, it gets stored as fat. It’s the process of converting those carbs into fat that makes you retain water: According to Paleo Leap, consuming one gram of carbs requires three to four grams of water to process and store it. So when we’re eating more carbs than we can use, our bodies are going to retain water simply to store that fat.

“People are way too carb-heavy in their diets,” says Salazar. “It should be about 40 percent of your diet but, in the United States, people often consume more than 60 percent.”

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